Typical Case

Illness of a pretty large number of neurotics and psychotics is rather confusing and at times confounding to the modern psychology. Medical science stands perplexed and bewildered in many such cases where neither diagnosis could be actual nor treatment of any use. I have personally come across hundreds of cases of this type and to corroborate this medical records of them have been preserved. They are available for study and scrutiny. There are a large number of cases with various signs and symptoms of illness after prolonged treatment for months and years together wherein physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists have categorically ruled out the slightest possibility of cure, have successfully left this Psycho Religious Therapy Centre completely cured. I have directed some of these people to the concerned authorities who treated them earlier with letters of accounting the radical cause of their illness and their sudden cure without any medication. I asked them to fix an appointment at their convenience so that I could brief them of the cases. I regret to note that only very few have bothered to respond. A few eminent personalities who might have been vexed tried to subject me to ridicule saying "let the white cassocked priest administer the sacraments instead of indulging in black magic, I have not studied and practiced the third class sorcery and incantation. I cannot dupe anyone as he , the priest, does. Do not come to me in future with any complaints. Go to him." This is the attitude!. It is paradoxical, indeed!

However, I do appreciate and acknowledge with satisfaction and gratitude the co-operation extended by a few eminent doctors like Dr.Valliathan, the former Director of Sri Chitra and Dr.K.Radhakrishnan, Professor and Head of the Department of Neurology. They were eager to know more about Psycho Religious Therapy.

Let me put down one such case that confounded the medical science for over two years, confusing the specialists. Though they could not diagnose and pin point the radical cause thereof they firmly ruled out the possibility of its cure!.

Vijayakumar, a boy of 12 years with a pleasing appearance, was a brilliant student of standard VII. Everyone liked the smart and cute boy. His father is a Class I officer in the Kerala Government Service and mother a school teacher. They had high ambition about their youngest son Vijayakumar. They admitted him in the best school in the town nearby. Like all other parents they wished that their son become a high ranking official in future. As they were financially sound they did not mind spending money for his education. The boy too rose to the expectation and kept pace with their ardent desire. He stood first in the examinations. He won prizes for academic excellence. In fact, the parents were really proud of him. Unlike other children, Vijayakumar wasted no time in front of the TV. But he used to read books and reading was his hobby.

One evening he happened to see a snake near the neighbouring well. Looking at him it started hissing. Raising the head it started to dandle slowly. Terror stricken, the boy ran home and held the hands of his mother. He was shivering and gasping. He told his parents that he saw a snake of huge size. They consoled him telling that what he saw is a non-poisonous snake which does no harm to anyone. That night he went to sleep as usual. At night he had a dream in his sleep and got up with a frantic cry. His parents rushed immediately to his bed side. They saw him sitting on the bed weeping profoundly. His eyes were fixed on the floor! His lips were stiff and dry. His face was pale and dark! On repeated questioning, he said "Mummy, I saw a ferocious dragon on this floor. It lifted me from the bed. Suddenly I woke up. Please give me some water." His father took him to his bed and put him to sleep there with him. After some time he noticed that Vijayakumar was getting a high temperature. Early in the morning he was taken to a hospital where he remained admitted for five days. On the sixth day he was discharged and brought home. After one day’s rest he was sent to school.

As days passed, the parents noticed some major changes in his behaviour and conduct. He showed dislike and aversion to reading books and studying lessons. He complained of gradual loss of hearing sense. He was short of hearing normal sound. On the advice of the doctor who treated him for high temperature, the parents took him to the Medical College Kottayam. The specialists examined him and prescribed medicines. But the treatment had no substantial effect and the boy continued to be in the same condition, though had a little relief on certain days for a short time. After a few months’ treatment, they directed the parents to take the boy to Medical College Trivandrum. In order to make the parents to be mentally prepared to accept the reality, the specialists informed them that his sense of hearing would not be restored fully.

He was admitted in the Medical College Hospital Trivandrum. During these days the parents and doctors noticed that the boy had great difficulty to speak as well. They knew that he was gradually losing his sense of speech too. The parents were highly depressed. Even after prolonged tests and examinations and going through the medical records of the boy, the doctors disclosed that audibility would not be restored. They also told them that he would lose the power of speech too since the ENT section is slowly being damaged. They reached the conclusion that nothing more could be done in this case. However, they advised the parents to consult the specialist at the All India Institute for Speech and Hearing, Gangothri, Mysore. This is the one and only institution of its kind in India at that time.

But meanwhile, as advised and directed by some, they took the boy to Sri Chitra Medical Centre, Trivandrum, one of the best in India. But going through the charters of previous treatments of the Medical College Hospitals, the doctors informed the parents that nothing more can be done there, since whatever available in the line of technology and treatment has already been made use of. They also suggested as a last resort the All India Institute for Speech and Hearing, Gangothri.

On the way to the Institute for Speech and Hearing, Gangothri, Mysore, the parents also approached the Kasturba Medical College. There too the specialists expressed their inability to do anything in this case. However, they booked his name for consultation of their visiting Professor from USA on his next visit. From there they took him to the All India Institute for Speech and Hearing, Gangothri, Mysore. He was admitted there. During these days, the condition of the boy started getting deteriorated. He became completely deaf and partially dumb. After a few months’ treatment, a set of ear phones was fitted to enable him to manage. That was all they could do in his case. Blaming their fate they all returned home. The boy was sent to school the next day. He could not attend the classes well, nay more, his friends called him "Deaf". Out of despair, he discontinued his studies.

Still the parents were not mentally prepared to accept the "reality" expressed by the specialists. They took him back to Dr.Madhusudanan, head and Professor, Neurology Department, Medical College, Kottayam where the boy was under his expert investigation for ten days. Since no improvement was noticed, the doctor discharged him and they went home.

On a Friday, as per advanced booking, Vijayakumar was brought to the Georgian Counselling Centre at Chethimattam, Pala. At about 5 p.m., his turn came up for counselling and therapy. His parents narrated the whole episode. A bundle of scraped papers consisting of his medical records and prescriptions was placed on my table. I called the boy near me and looking at his face asked him a few questions very loudly. Since ear phone was fitted, it seemed that he could manage to hear my questions to some extent. But his response was not intelligible. It was hard for him to speak. Having seen the boy and the medical records, I informed them with an apology that I would not have asked them to bring the boy to me here, had they apprised me of the actual condition of the boy and his ailment. After a perusal of the medical documents, I was of the opinion that the ailment was physical and hence beyond the limits of my treatment. I decided to convey this to the parents. However, to have a better credence to the parents in this regard, I took the boy to my therapy room and made him sit in the chair and simply started the process of Psycho Religious Therapy. He was upset and started tottering. He became ferocious and his face turned fierce as if having an illusory personality as I have often noted in other cases. In no time, he went into a deep’ Trance’.

"What is your name?" I asked.
"I am Ramakrishna Pillai."

Good! He heard my question and his reply was very distinct and clear! I was puzzled, but very happy!. This case is well within the limits of my treatment, Psycho Religious Therapy!

"Can’t you hear without the ear phone?" I asked.
"Yes, I can."
Ear phone was removed.
"Are you a dead person"? I asked.

"You have been tormenting this boy for the last two years or so making him deaf and dumb. You could very well dupe the doctors of many hospitals without appearing before them. But here, you have utterly failed before me. Are you not convinced of the fact that you cannot escape from here?"

"Yes, I am fully convinced."
"Don’t you know that your existence depends on my mercy and kindness?" I asked.
"Yes, I do know. Please don’t destroy me. I shall tell you everything."

"Mr.Ramakrishna Pillai, plain speaking only will help you. If you try to be over-smart and say concocted story of lies, woe to you! You will suffer severe pain and the ultimate penalty will be your complete annihilation. To know the kind of pain that I can inflict on you, be ready to suffer. You will feel severe pain all throughout your body." I suggested. Immediately he started wriggling and twirling about in acute pain.

"I shall tell you the whole truth. I request you not to cause me any more affliction." The voice of a mature man came from the lips of the boy and I got convinced that the illusory personality is now well within the range of my therapy!.

"Ok. I agree. Let your pain subside." I suggested. Immediately he became at ease. "Tell me everything from the beginning." I demanded.

Ramakrishna Pillai started unfolding his fabulous biography.

"I was an officer in the judicial service. My house is adjacent to that of this boy. I have three daughters only. Vijayakumar this boy is the youngest of Kesavan Nair’s five children. I was longing for a son. Since I had no sons, I liked this boy very much. I wished if he would be mine! Putting him in my lap, I used to fondle and caress him. I took him to my house often. Both of our families were close by and in cordial relation. I used to bring sweets and offer him on my return from my office. He was eagerly looking forward to my arrival. This was routine. Neither he nor I could be away without meeting each other. We liked each other so much. Years passed."

"Three years back, one day I felt severe stomach ache some time after midnight. At about 2 ‘O clock, I went to the well side. While drawing water from the well, unfortunately I fell down into the deep well. Nobody noticed it. I was drowned. In the morning, my wife and children found my body in the well. Vijayakumar wept very bitterly. Seeing my dead body, he was upset. Cherishing the fondest memory of our association, he spent those days. I was waiting at the well side with the ardent desire to see him. One fine evening, he came to the well. I was there in the form of a snake. I lifted my head to have a glance of my beloved Vijayakumar. He saw me. Suddenly he was shocked and engulfed with fear. That night he was in deep thought of me and the dreadful sight of the snake. During his sleep I appeared before him in my real form."

"What is your real form?" I asked.

"My head on the body of the snake. He was frightened at the awful sight. He got up gasping and shivering. On awakening from sleep he was in a changed environment. His parents were around him near the bed. By this time I had taken over full control of his mind. Later, he started getting high temperature. When admitted in the hospital, I was with him all along. I must kill and take him with me. I want him to be with me for ever."

Ramakrishna Pillai disclosed his designs.
"How will you kill him?" I asked.

"As I told you earlier, his aim was to study well and get a prominent job in Government service. I will make him neglect his studies. For that I made him deaf. His parents took him to many major hospitals, but in vain. I could block his recovery. When ear phone was fitted he could hear a little. So I took away his sense of speech. Can they fit in any instrument to give back his power of speech? No, they cannot. Moreover, when his class mates called him deaf, he was desperate. He was indeed frustrated since he could not concentrate in studies. I know that. He will attempt to suicide out of frustration and despair. I am grooming him gradually to commit suicide. He himself will destroy his life and join with me. Then he will be mine for ever." Ramakrishna Pillai paused for a while.

Hearing this, Vijayakumar’s mother fell flat on the sofa where she was sitting. She wept, cried. I enquired of her as to what caused her to fall. She said, "Father, for the last few days, he used to pick up the newspaper as soon as it was supplied. He used to search enthusiastically for news on suicide. He was not interested in reading anything else. My son would have committed suicide had he not been taken over here to you! God has saved my son." She wept bitterly.

"Ramakrishna Pillai, tell me, what for this boy was searching for the particular news item on suicide in the newspapers?" I asked him.

"To find out the easiest way of committing suicide." The reply was prompt and firm.
The parents confirmed whatever was disclosed by Ramakrishna Pillai through the boy, was entirely correct.

I completed the process of Psycho Religious Therapy and the boy woke up from the mesmeric trance. He looked around. He was happy and wonder struck. The parents were rejoicing on the sudden change and complete cure of their son. More than 15 people were present to witness this.

"Father, what shall I give you for this great help you have rendered? No reward will be enough, I know. I have already spent more than one lakh rupees for his treatment in vain. But here, I have paid only Rs.50/- as registration fee. I am ready to spend any amount as your reward. Please tell me, father, I will be happy to do that." He was in tears of joy.

"Remember me in your prayers. Pray to the Almighty for me and for this institution whenever you can. That is enough and all that is what I require. You have already lost a good sum." I told him.

With hands folded in sincere gratitude, they greeted me and went home joyfully, placing the ear phone on my table, and is there to this day. The boy is now studying in the college.

Is this the spirit (soul or "pretham") of Ramakrishna Pillai, that haunted the child for three years, making him deaf and mute? "Yes", say the people unanimously, who witnessed the scene, according to the common belief. The sickness and the travails of the boy during the last three years and the narration during the therapy correspond to the common belief and carry conviction!

But apart from the common belief, is it actually the "spirit" of Mr.Pillai?
No! It is an "illusory personality" !!!

The explanation of the "how and why of it" will follow soon.

There are thousands of such cases! Almost every day, similar cases come to this centre! Modern Medical Science has no means to find out such inherent illusory personalities! Nay more, it does not understand the universality and enormity of such cases! Even if it finds out there is no means to clear the personality from the mind, than giving sedatives! Often the medical men diagnose them as symptomatic and idiopathic.
For more details see the page     "Illusory personality".

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