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The Modern Psychiatry – Damages rather than cures! Considers the mind as the working modality of the Brain! As a school of thought, the Mind is the convoluted nervous substance of Brain or the formal stipulated mode of functions of this organ. Hence mind is something material! So high graded chemical tablets, as remedial medicine for the mental sicknesses! Here, the treatment is worse than the sickness!

Although modern medical science knows this disease as `Split personality` it is still in the dark regarding the magnitude of the problem. The modern psychiatry simply fails in diagnosing this state of mind of the mental patient. And even if diagnosed, knows not how to eliminate and remove the supper added personality and impart a clean cure, than giving high graded chemicals, causing a total collapse! The common consensus of medical men is that this is a disease of the illiterate and the superstitious. That seems quite untenable. For, any individual, no matter how great he is, can be subject to this disorder. It may be, one did not get into circumstances or the impact of the frightening incident was different in different people. As per the records kept in our office during the last fifteen years, 28280 such cases have been treated and cured. Most of them had undergone treatment for months and years in one or other famous hospital or clinic. These include professors, lawyers, physicians and others from the higher strata of society.

Here is one case for Example: -

A high-ranking officer employed with the State Government was recently brought to our Therapy center, hands bound and accompanied by his wife and two brothers. The following was their story:

For nine months now, he does not go to the office. A month ago he sent in his resignation, which was turned down because he was the recipient of a State Award - for meritorious service and was now obviously unwell. He hates everyone, drinks heavily every morning and evening. Ten months ago, he could not stand liquor or anyone who drank. There is also suicidal tendency. Once he tried sleeping pills; next he tried to hang himself; the other day he jumped in front of a speeding bus and bearly escaped. For the last eight months he has been in the Medical College and the doctors now suggested shock therapy. We were hesitant so brought him here.

Straight away I put him through therapy. Illusory personality began to speak: "I am Kuttappan, I was working under this man as a Clerk. I used to drink morning and evening and he hated me for that, I did not care. But he is a great man. So he sent up some reports about me and I was sacked. In utter despair I hanged myself. But I was eager for revenge. I frightened him in sleep in the form of a black dog.. He jumped up in fright and then I entered him. In the state of possession I went on urging him and finally made him a drunkard. He must be kicked out from his work; I must make him commit suicide. Got him three times to it but he escaped… but I will destroy him".

Therapy finished, he came out a new man but with a scattered memory; still afraid about the conditions in his office, could remember things only up to the day he was frightened in sleep. For ten months life is so to say, blacked out. I sent him away with necessary instructions and Ayurvedic medicines. As arranged he returned on the 5th day. There was nothing unusual or strange in his behaviour. On the following Monday he joined duty. Today he is the District chief of his Department. As is evident, it was his guilt consciousness regarding Kuttappans's suspension and consequent suicide that formed the basis of his illusory personality in consonance with the popular talks and understanding:

I have so far 28280 emotion-filled cases of cure to describe. Almost daily I see more such cases. I have been inviting groups of experts for an on the spot witness and study, but only apathy and calumny resulted! It is my belief and conviction that as long as there are literary works like Dracula, religious teachings concerning devil and demonic possession and above all our ignorance and uncertainty about what happens after death, people will be susceptible to psychic disorders we call 'possession' or 'illusory personality'regardless of faith creed and literacy. The emotion of fear seems to have such a hold on the humans. Psychiatric drugs and medication cannot remove fear. Hence the relevance of a religio-scientific approach.for a cure to the mental patients caused by fear.

Modern medical science appears to tread the wrong path in diagnosing and treating this.kind of mental patients. Medical men attribute it to one or other variety of schizophrenia and administer strong doses of drugs. If the patient shows symptoms of intense emotional disturbance and suicidal tendency, they prescribe electric shock (ECT) damaging the "Normality of the Brain''.

For the patient these methods are not only not beneficial, but also positively harmful both mentally and physically. To treat a patient without first removing from his subconscious the deepest illusory personality or the turbulent darkness which are the bases, will be like nursing to heal the wound without removing the Bullet inside. Actually no psychiatric medicine, if it can be called so, is needed for the cure of the above mentioned patients!

I feel modern psychiatrists and psychologists are drifted away from the average man's Psyche and Psychology by scrutinizing and analyzing them according to the different schools of thought making them complicated. The objectivity of the conclusions are disputable. In the subconscious of a patient of fright, there is always a miscarried and thrusted conviction of weird idea, which is subjective. There is no personal reasoning behind it. The basis of it is superstitious belief. To bring the patient normal, it is enough to remove the thrusted conviction, no psychiatric medicine can do it! It can easily be done through a stronger and sublime conviction based on true religious faith. How many such patients are spoiled by high graded psychiatric medicines! It is my experience, gathered from thousands of cases documented!

Clarification: -

If a man can be compared to a Balance, with the Central Pivot as his personality, the two scales are his body and mind. They should keep always the equilibrium, to be normal. Suppose a weight (here Fright) falls on the mental scale, the man loses his balance, becomes a mental patient. It can be normalized in two ways. The one, that is natural, is to remove the weight from the scale. Soon it will come back to the normal position after oscillating for a short time. The second one is the modern psychiatric way, an artificial one. Put weight on the other scale (here,high graded sedatives and tranquilizers- to the Body) trying to equalize the pressure. This may take months, if not years, and cause considerable tilting of the personality. An artificial stillness might be seen induced by medication! When tabs may be reduced or stopped, the effect of fright being dynamic, it will soon out weigh the other scale and collapse! Call it relapse! Thus, again and again the equalizing process may continue, till the horizontal balance turning vertical, a point of no return! The treatment is more horrible than the sickness! The treatment will be continued till to his death!

Yes, the joker is justified here in his definitions: - who is a neurotic? The man who makes castles in heavens! Who is a psychotic? The man who lives in those castles! Who is a Psychiatrist? The man who collects rent regularly from him!

see also  [Psychiatric Drugs – Cure or Quackery? by Lawrence Stevens, J.D.]

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