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"…I have seen personally over a dozen mental patients getting cured at the Georgean Centre of Fr. Geo. They had been under treatment elsewhere for mental diseases but without beneficial results. …Fr.Geo renders yeoman service to the society. May God bless him…."

Dr. K.C Muhammad M.B.B.S Thrithala- Palgat Dist.

" … I have seen many mental patients getting cured at this Centre! That also, each one within half an hour -I say, it is miraculous! Where medical science fails, Fr. Geo. Succeeds with his psycho religious therapy… May God strengthen his hands…."

Adv. Joseph Vithayathil- M.A.L.L.B. North Paravoor.

"…Many people from allover Kerala is coming here and getting cured. I have seen many cases of mental patients being treated. I wish Fr.Geo all success, and I do pray God for the same…."

Mr. N.K. Titus Engg.Dy.Manager, Steel plant Bhilai (M.P)

" …It was a wonderful experience, to witness the sudden cure, rendered to mental patients at this centre. This treatment, psycho religious therapy, is something unique! I cannot forget, what I have seen with my own eyes…" I wish him all success. May God Bless him."

Mr. Jose Philip I.A.S (Collector Goa)

"…I am convinced and impressed about the institution and the healing power of Psycho-Religious Therapy, a new branch for the psychiatry! Safe and effective! …."

Dr.Jess. M.D Cochin-18.

"…Visited the Psycho -Religious Therapy Centre. I saw many mental patients getting cured by Fr. Geo's Psycho Religious Therapy! Really wonderful! I wish, science and Religion were complimentary in the medical field! What would not have been the effects…"

Dr.K.C.George, M.B.B.S. DCH.

"…Psycho-Religious Therapy is something Divine, I feel, when I saw the miraculous cures of patients from their mental diseases, by psycho religious therapy, within a short time, so to say…May God Bless Fr.Geo…"

Dr. Mathew Sankarathil, Editor, Malayala Manorama Daily-

"… I brought a mental patient who was under treatment of a Psychiatrist (a professor in Trivandrum Medical College Hospital) for nearly two years since had no cure or standing relief. He was gloomy and violent. He had suicidal mania also. Once he tried, but saved. ECT was prescribed, but we objected, and took him over here… Fr.Geo. cured him within half an hour by his new method of treatment. Miraculous, I feel! Next week, he joined his duty and goes on well…"

Prof. Dr. Rama Devi, Women's College - Calicut.

"…I am indeed very happy to have witnessed the Psycho- Religious Therapy applied on different types of mental patients and getting cured! It was a great pleasure to see the patients going out with a happy out look and expression! As against the usual psychiatric treatment, Fr. Geo's therapy without any strong medication, is highly commendable…May God bless him".

Dr. P.V. Koshy B.Sc. MB. FCIP, FICA. Pooppally Hospital Chengannoor.

"…There is no exaggeration, if I say that Fr. Geo's Psycho-Religious Therapy is working miracles in this Centre, by curing mental patients, within a short span of time…It is a centre of hope, for the suffering lot and a new ray of light to the humanity…"

E.D. Thankachen, Judicial First Class Magistrate Kayamkulam.

"…I took a patient to this centre, who was under treatment for epilepsy in a Medical College Hospital for few years. Psycho-Religious Therapy proved that it was not epilepsy, but fits caused by a fright! Got cured within a short time! No relapse; but took Ayurvedic medicines for a short period to remove the side effects caused by neuroleptic medicines. I write it after three months…May God Bless Fr. Geo…"

V.K. Ibrahim. General Secretary, Muslim Educational Society Ernakulam.

"…This Georgean Centre is "a living question mark" against the modern Psychiatrists and Psychologists. This institution is really a valuable asset to our country… I saw many mental patients getting cured here. A place of hope and satisfaction….deserves every kind of help from the Government and people…."

Dr.A.Ibrahimkutty B.Sc., B.A.M, M.B.B.S. Civil Surgeon- Kundara.

"…Visited and observed the Psycho - Religious Therapy techniques and I was really amazed by the results…. Wonderful effects of combined medical science and Religion…Internation medical professions should pay more attention, to what Fr.Geo. proves to be right It will be an asset to medical science and a valuable help to the society. I am fully convinced… "

Dr. George Thoduka. M.D, AFIM, ZA (Germany)

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