Dual Personality

My experience shows that the illusory personalities can exhibit symptoms of any physical disorders. Blindness, deafness, Bleeding, abortions, asthma and tendency to suicide and murder are only some of them! The incidents narrated by the illusory personalities are often frightening and even mindchilling.There are many cases, where modern medical science stupor posed, miserably failed and put to shame! Among the hundreds, here is one for example: -

Mr. Suresh 14 yrs.old, son of a Govt. local administration officer, was taken ill with high fever in 1991. He was treated in the neighbouring hospital and got cured, but went deaf then on slowly. Parents were advised to take him to the M.G.Medical College Hospital, Kottayam. Here begins the painful travail of three years! After a long period of investigation and medication under the careful supervision of experts, he was directed to the Trivandrum Medical College Hospital for better management, since they failed in diagnosing and no response to medication! But there also various investigations yielded no fruit! The boy’s condition was worsening, nay more, in the mean time, he lost his speech also! The whole ENT section is affected in spite of careful medications. They concluded it was incurable and informed the parents the sad state! As a final trial and resort they were advised to go to The All India Institute of speech and hearing, Gangothri, Mysore, the only one in its kind in India. (Mean while the parents consulted with the Doctors of Sree Chitra Medical Center Trivandrum and Kasthurba Medical College Manipal, were also, going through the charts of previous treatments, Doctors opined the " case incurable", needs no further investigation and medication) There also after a prolonged studies and tests Doctors proclaimed the case incurable- will not regain speech and hearing. He was provided with a Swiss made hearing aid, but was of no use, so to say.

Still, though convinced, the parents unwilling to concede the reality, took him back to Kottayam Medical College Hospital. The Doctor, head and professor of neurology department, admitted him to try his might. It was on the 3rd of April 1994. Failing in his attempt, the boy was discharged on the 14th. Parents brought him over here, in this centre and narrated the "three years travail".

I never thought it a case of mine. I took him to my "therapy room", only for the parents satisfaction and simply started the therapy process. But to the amazement of mine as well as the parents and by standers, there emerged in him an illusory personality of a Sivarama Menon, a very close friend and neighbour of theirs, died by chance falling in the deep waters of his well, at night three years before. He started narrating a very sad story, for half an hour! The parents attested the detailed narrations, as facts! I completed the therapy process, Suresh got up from the Trans wondering and fully regaining his sense of hearing and speech and went home rejoicing with his parents, leaving the earphone over my table which is there to this day. The very next day he started going to the school and continues his studies. All the medical documents are kept here for anybody’s perusal (The long and horrible narration made by the illusory personality is not given here)

Sym-path: -Tens of thousands of Rs. they spent in vain and on no expense the boy got cured here! So they published "the cure" in the daily, Deepika, with the caption "Bouquet to Fr.Geo and a question mark towards the ‘Modern Medical Science". Dr.Valiathan Cardiologist and Dr. K. Radakrishnan Neurologist of Sree Chithra Medical Center Trivandrum took notice of it. We had a discussion and I got a line of link with that prestigious Institution on research.

Anti-path: - During a gathering, a certain man, called the attention of a leading psychiatrist, an Asst.Professor of M.G.Medical College Kottayam who was present, to that write up. The Professor mouthed- "I studied scientific treatment by paying money, not Manthravada (Black Magic). If the boy was brought to me, I would have cured him, within 15 minutes, half an hour was not needed"- a good joke!

Fainting fit and suicidal tendency are very common among these patients. Many of the reported suicides are effected by the illusory personalities. Investigations prove it.

8820 of the above mentioned 28280 cases were subject to frequent fainting fits. Almost all of them were considered epileptics and were under treatment for long periods! All the previous documents are preserved here. This should be an eye-opener for medical practitioners. What we are trying to do in our psycho-religious therapy is removing the turbulent darkness and the personified frightful idea by means of another religious and faith-based sacred idea. While adopting this method of activating and strengthening the mind through a religious process, we take care also to nourish the weakened bodily powers and sense functions, with appropriate nutrition. For, ``healthy mind is in a healthy Body.'' we do not depend on drugs. And if experience is any guide, I can say, these unfortunate people get well within a very short period, Ofcourse, Psychiatric medicine addicted patients, at times, create problems also!

Are the results obtained (cures) purely psychological or the result of a Religio-scientific method of treatment with an inherent implications?

Is the illusory personality a product of the superstitious mind or an objective reality? For, some tempting and horrifying cases need explanations!

We need more research and study to arrive at answers to these and other similar questions and problems.

I invite medical and allied institutions and organizations to undertake such enquiries, analysis and studies. On our part we are more than willing and happy to provide all available facilities, data and results obtained so far.

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