The Diary

What Dr. Elsamma M.B.B.S wrote in the diary after getting cured from her sickness:

Dear respected Fr. Geo,

I was an asthma patient for 7 years, treated with powerful Broncho dialators and steroids. The condition attained a non responsive state to medicines. Usually, the disease occurred so sudden that breathing almost stoped due to the broncho spasm and mucus plug, blocking the respiratory sistem. Usually, I have to take Aminophylim (10) more than two amps, to gain a little relief! Medicines tried on me, from Alleppy Medical College – was,

(1) Asthalin SA-1 tid & 1 sos
(2) Inj. Aminophylin (iv)
(3) Inj. Aminophylin + 5% detum slow (iv)
(4) Inj. Betnasol (im)/(iv)

But the condition remained the same, still continued for a period of 4 years. Then treatment from Medical Centre, Kottayam, by Dr. Mathew Pulickan -was Thioridagale- 1 bd x 10 days, together with some other medicines and it continued-but had no effect on me.

I myself tried so many medicines including Ayurveda for 3 years. But they had no effect! Further my condition became so worse that I was unable even to examin the patients who are coming to my clinic! So I closed the clinic. After my approach to your (Fr.Geo’s) methode of treatment, I got sudden relief and cure, that I cannot even believe! Seven long years of a travail! Treatment by eminent Doctors, with best available medicines! But had no relief even! A sudden cure from this centre! Dream or reality ? It took some time to realize, out of boundless joy! I could not see it or experience it as a treatment but a mirracle! But it is a treatment, Fr. Geo. says!

Here I saw so many patients getting cured of their illness, very much in front of your eyes, that you will be in a dilemma, what to think about the modern medicine and its effect on human beings. I am prompt to think that whether the ailments is to your soul or to your body!

I am convinced of the effect of psycho religious therapy, so many times, seeing here many patients being cured of their dual personality! Patients who were treated for months and years, by eminent psychiatrists, in various hospitals! Same patients are cured here easily by Fr. Geo, that also without any harmful modern psychiatric drugs. It is highly commendable. Psychiatrists and research centres should pay keen attention to this branch of treatment, for the benefit of the society!

With many thanks, let me conclude this open letter.

May God Bless this institution and Fr. Geo. Kappalumakal , to continue this yomen service to the suffering lot.

Dr. .Elsamma M.B.B.S
13-2 –1997