Ross's collaboration with family unit members, medical, school, and employment workers, creates a greater opportunity for success in the treatment of this disorder. Fat cushions the organs in your body and helps protect them against injury or trauma. Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is a psychotherapist, Professor of Existential Psychology, and Founder of the Center for Humane Psychiatry. So for all physically skilled and mentally strong sufficient to compete within the Olympic Games—as well as those watching at home—it may well behoove us all to cover more heed to our so-called " gut feelings " in the future. This ordered relationship means that different segmental amounts of the cord control different things, and injury to a particular part of the cord will have a visible impact on neighboring body parts.

But what he was about, I think, had been essentially questioning exactly what I would call the technological paradigm of psychological state, the proven fact that we must engage with psychological health problems as primarily technical problems to be analyzed, classified, sorted, and treated. Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, motor neurone illness, and Huntington's disease are caused by the gradual death of individual neurons, leading to decrements in movement control, memory, and cognition. The brain stem is the low part of mental performance that is linked to the spinal cord (part of the central nervous system in the spinal column). We all need motivation to get through the day at times. We have always been saying that a healthy heart is a healthy brain.

We use visual-spatial functions when we read a map, orient ourselves in a city, or estimate distances. There has been some really good research that diets that are high in healthy fats, low in saturated fat and trans fats, and rich in whole grain products, green leafy vegetables or green juices and Ketone drinks supplements, and nuts are good for the brain and the heart,” says Maria C. Carrillo, PhD, senior director of medical and scientific relations at the Chicago-based Alzheimer's Association. Some people have actually also destroyed their work, been pressured to quit traveling, have actually seen household members separate and their particular lives destroyed - all because of.. Prebiotics are food-borne fuel for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut, and they occur naturally in raw garlic, cooked and raw onions, leeks, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, and jicama.

The Rise Of Modern Psychiatry

On the planet of psychology, bingeing undoubtedly has a negative connotation. Separate research 4 also found the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus had a marked effect on GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is significantly involved in regulating many physiological, hormonal eg. HGH release system and mental procedures) levels in particular brain areas and lowered the stress-induced hormone corticosterone, resulting in reduced anxiety- and depression-related behavior.

Maharishi's revival of effortless transcending and his knowledge associated with naturalness and ease of developing higher states of consciousness has been verified through 40 years of scientific research—and verified in the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands who practice TM. Maharishi's success as a meditation instructor is unprecedented: never in recorded history, going back as far as the birth of Buddhism and beyond, has any other meditation teacher's technique been learned by so many people (6 million) during the teacher's life time, and with such great results.

Every day we are exposed to chemical contamination far more than in the past 8,000 years of human civilization: household cleaners, deodorants (see the label), hair gel, plastic containers—both for water and soda and used to cook in microwaves—and no one knows the effect of taking in synthetic molecules-artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives—and many more.

In collaboration, the parents, school personnel, the referring psychotherapist, and the psychiatrist, will monitor the effectiveness of the medical component of Adderall in the ADHD treatment. Angell is right that we should follow the dictum first, do no harm,” but she has altered the potential adverse effects of psychotropic drugs with anecdotes and flawed data and downplayed the devastating consequences of untreated psychiatric disease. Alzheimer's condition is a progressive neurodegenerative illness that causes parts of mental performance to shrink (atrophy). A 2014 study from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (For more information on nursing schools, check this link) discovered that the less we sleep as we develop older, the faster our brains age. Although there are unusual instances where an individual's psychotically-driven paranoia leads to an act of violence, a recent Dutch research calculated that just a small 0.07 % of all crimes were directly attributable to mental wellness problems.

The Waltz Of Modern Psychiatry

As the years start to pass me by, it's difficult not to reflect on my life. So, I guess I've become a bit skeptical of the great move, sometimes done with very, really laudable motives, but it's the move to bring, if you want, the great things about Western psychology to people within the developing world without any great thought being put into how that will articulate with their whole cultural means of dealing with life and its difficulties.

Essentially, Dr. Bracken expresses concern that within the rush to become more "empirical" that led to the ascendency of the current pharma-centered biologically-anchored psychiatry paradigm, psychiatry has lost fascination with addressing essential philosophical and existential questions being forced to do with the validity of core assumptions of that field.

But he knows as much as numerous psychiatric professionals do about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM — frequently described as psychiatry's bible.” Lane has researched the manual as well as the process by which new disorders are put into it. Just what he's discovered has made him a critic of a lot of modern psychiatric theory and practice.

JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit company assisting the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. As a diabetic, you would actually do a full world of good for your health by launching bitter gourd in your diet. Levitin cautioned that this is only one study, and more research has to be performed to confirm the results, but it points toward a powerful medicinal use for music. Nevertheless, a new generation of more medically or biologically oriented psychiatrists came to take over psychiatry internationally, and to replace their more psychologically minded colleagues in positions of impact, including most college chairs of psychiatry. One thing is clear: sleep is profoundly intertwined with virtually every aspect of brain wellness. Quantum science is beginning to bear out, through research and experimentation, this relationship between human emotion and emotions and the outer world.

When the phrase getting assistance” is searched on Bing, four things pop up first. During the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind spontaneously transcends, going beyond the psychological activity of waking state to a unique state of restful alertness, called Transcendental Consciousness—a proposed fourth state of consciousness unlike waking, dreaming or sleep.2 This easy meditation involves using a mantra, or sound without meaning, that has a harmonizing effect regarding the body and mind, producing deep relaxation and quieter mental activity.

Among other examples, this kind of thinking led to the dopamine-excess theory of psychotic disorders and mania based on the antidopaminergic actions of most antipsychoticantimanic drugs, to different monoamine deficiency hypotheses concerning depression plus some anxiety problems centered on speculations about the norepinephrineor serotonin-potentiating actions of most antidepressants.

a fundamental healthy diet is really important. Microorganisms in the gut help regulate your body's immune response to infections such as vulvovaginal candidiasis and how to use herbal and Natural remedies. Norra MacReady has significantly more than three decades' experience as a health and medical writer and editor. Protein is certainly one of the three major macronutrients needed by the human body in order to work and maintain good health. Dr. Esteban-Fernández is quick to warn however, that while researchers are getting closer to understanding what role food and drink—including wine—plays in how our bodies functions, people need to be careful by what they believe in terms of nutrition. It helps the body make the hormones serotonin (which regulates mood) and norepinephrine (which helps your system cope with stress). In addition, fat helps form special sheaths that surround nerves and enable them to transmit messages through the body. The brain's function as the main nervous system (CNS) is to regulate the majority of our body and mind's functions. When people use recreational medications, such as MDMA and ecstasy, considerable amounts of serotonin are released.

Hughes' Outline Of Contemporary Psychiatry

On the contrary, trying to convince the general population that schizophrenia and depression are diseases like diabetes is probable to exacerbate negative attitudes towards individuals with psychological state issues. The nutrients found in complex carbohydrate foods assist produce a class of neurotransmitters that influence behavior. This does not constantly take place but sometimes whenever immunity cells move on incorrect track, they opt to destroy the cells and parts which.. If you have a parent or know someone who just recently became a widower, you actually need to aid them grieve with these five.. In the NIMH study, they report in detail, minor differences when considering Imipramine and Chlorpromazine, and they report that three days in to the seven week trial, there seem to be a small difference in favour of Imipramine over placebo on some items, however, they fail to point out that basically by the end of the test, there was no difference between the two drugs.

Transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that studies the transpersonal, the transcendent or spiritual areas of the human experience. In the work of authors like Minkowski, Binswanger, Gebsattel, Tellenbach and Blankenburg are once again being rediscovered the methodological foundations of an ambitious and complex project of understanding of the many distinct psychopathological experiences, which recovers its anthropological meaning as a human possibility ( Minkowski, 2005 ). The phenomenological program returned to focus at a time when psychiatry is compelled to think on its own foundations and clinical practice.

We utilize a jigsaw of the mind and explain and this works really well and assists to reduce shame for anger outbursts, and increases self compassion and understanding. Antipsychotics for schizophrenia, stimulants for ADHD, hypnotics for insomnia, benzodiazepines and SSRIs for anxiety disorders or sexual problems —in all these cases, medications are robustly more effective than placebos in double-blind managed trials. Individuals do that for years and years with no problems.” The third phase is escalation - where some individuals gradually increase use in the long run and continue to do so despite negative consequences. Brain stem death is when a person no longer has any brain stem functions, and has now permanently lost the potential for consciousness and the capability to breathe. The second brain contains some 100 million neurons, a lot more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, Gershon says.

One of the dietary fats (technically, a fatty acid) most often connected with healthy brain function is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which belongs to the class of molecules called omega-3 efas. Although a healthy diet provides benefits on a unique, it's best when combined with regular real activity, so find a way to include exercise into your daily routine to reverse conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Integrated treatment: the person receives a combined treatment that addresses both disorders and treats them simultaneously. When triggered, it causes the body to make higher levels of protective antioxidants, while reducing irritation and boosting detoxification. Researchers are nevertheless teasing out the critical factors that make exercise such a potent brain tonic. I am certainly not sure how this applies from what I call healthy anger that comes to us all on occasion and for good reasons (eg., when our boundaries are crossed).

Various factors, including poor nutrition habits, drug or alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle or medical illness can diminish you of these important chemicals. This has found a place in modern English too, because of its considerable use, references and citations in a wide variety of literature. Everybody uses it, most regarding the time, it just come out very loosely without quality. It is just a matter of almost humorous historical interest that ALL modern-day medical students are taught the Paracelsus' Hermetic Principles of Disease and Cures during a required History of Medicine class in the first semester of medical school. And in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study, a daily dosage of 1.8 grams omega-3s helped decrease pain associated with exercise-induced delayed onset muscle soreness in men.

St. John's wort is a herb that is commonly used for depression and symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, sleeping trouble and appetite loss. Philosophers of psychiatry have raised fundamental objections to your DSM's assumption that an analysis can be made solely from medical descriptions of symptoms, with little or no attention to the underlying causes of the symptoms. The nutrients ALCAR, ALA , and Ubiquinol are true mitochondrial nutrients restoring function to brain cells by increasing energy production and k-calorie burning. A tendency toward anxiety seems heritable, meaning we can be born wired so our circuits trip more easily.” But childhood development is additionally responsible: The ramifications of trauma can make a person prone to anxiety, with resulting physical conditions, like ongoing migraines or digestive problems.

Modern Psychiatry

From its inception more than a century ago, the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons was unique. I think when We started to seriously read philosophy, what I became interested in was the work of just what would now be regarded as, I guess, post-modern thinkers, that is a group of philosophers who've started to interrogate the legacy of Enlightenment, that great cultural shift in Western thought happening in the 17th into the 18th century, where people in the Western world, and Western Europe in particular, began to move away from thinking that truth was a thing that would be delivered through Revelation, through the Word of God and mental health holy scripture, or through something that would be found by looking at the past, to the work of the classics.

For example, in accordance with an article in Social Work Research by Jeffrey Shears and colleagues, authoritarian parents agree a lot more than others with the declaration: "the absolute most important things to teach children is absolute obedience to whomever is the authority." In an article in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Machteld Hoeve and colleagues say kids of authoritarian parents have a higher than normal likelihood of getting into trouble.

Given the appreciable limitations of modern psychotropic medicines to resolve the complex human problems represented by most cases of psychiatric illness, it seems especially ironic that much of what psychiatry learned through the past 2 centuries—including efforts to develop descriptive nosologies, and psychopathological as well as psychodynamic understanding of people with psychiatric illness—appears to have become devalued in the competition with seemingly simple, effective, supposedly even adequate, and truly economical, pharmacologically based treatments.

To quote an old adage; it's not if, but when.” Our life are filled with familiar surroundings which, for the most part, we simply take for granted; people, places, things. Your body mobilizes this intramuscular fat for power, especially when you exercise at moderate intensity levels. That's why several individuals nowadays are becoming mindful of trying to lead a healthy life style. DSM-III contained a promise: once reliable diagnostic categories were adopted, fruitful medical research into the type of mental illness could be conducted. Psychiatric drugs came into existence seen as working by influencing the condition process itself. Everybody uses it, more often than not, it just come out very loosely without clarity. It is a component of several important phospholipids in the brain, with the highest levels of DHA being found in phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidyl-serine (PS).34,35 Reduced amounts exist in phosphatidyl-cholines (PC).

What's Wrong With Modern Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is more important to the general public than previously, and with the rise of reported mental health and behavioral health issues, it might seem a bit confusing as to why individuals still have a tendency to ignore the repercussions of leaving these symptoms untreated. Increasing evidence also indicates that MCs be involved in neuroinflammation directly 44-46 and through microglia stimulation 47, adding to the pathogenesis of such conditions such as headaches, 48 autism 49, and chronic fatigue syndrome 50. In fact, a recent review indicated that peripheral inflammatory stimuli can cause microglia activation 51, thus possibly involving MCs outside mental performance.

The brain acts on the rest of the body both by generating patterns of muscle activity and by driving the secretion of chemicals called hormones This central control allows rapid and coordinated responses to changes into the environment Some fundamental kinds of responsiveness such as for instance reflexes is mediated by the spinal cord or peripheral ganglia , but sophisticated purposeful control of behavior based on complex sensory input requires the information integrating capabilities of a centralized mind.

Psychiatry has a chequered past in the area of ethics and human rights, arguably always in the rear and limping” in failing to maintain with societal changes—an accusation that has also been levelled at the law.1 When Phillipe Pinel symbolically unchained insane people throughout the French Revolution, he heralded a humanitarian change in mindset towards mentally ill individuals that has been reflected in the UK by the ideology of moral treatment within the early 19th century.

Some research has linked a higher intake of dietary tryptophan with additional positive mood scores, perhaps because tryptophan boosts serotonin levels. Life can be therefore Emotionally annoying on countless amounts in some instances Creating feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, panic and what may feel like pure helplessness. Norra MacReady has more than 30 years' experience as a health and medical writer and editor. Substitute fish for meat a couple times every week getting a healthy and balanced dosage. But, many of these adults whom were not treated as children, carry emotional, educational, personal, and occupational scars.” As children, these individuals, did not feel as smart, successful and/or likable” as their non ADHD counterparts. This lactic acid, in turn, protects the fermented food from being invaded by pathogenic -bacteria as it creates an environment with a low pH. This kills off harmful bacteria, which has a higher pH. According to research done by the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia , also quickly exercising for 20 minutes facilitates information processing and memory functions.

I must admit i am a bit of a nerd. The brain is protected by the skull , suspended in cerebrospinal fluid , and isolated from the bloodstream by the blood-brain barrier but, the brain is still susceptible to damage , disease , and disease Damage can be due to traumatization , or a loss in blood supply referred to as a stroke The brain is susceptible to degenerative disorders , such as Parkinson's disease , dementias including Alzheimer's disease , and multiple sclerosis Psychiatric conditions , including schizophrenia and clinical depression , are thought become associated with brain dysfunctions.

Dr. Nierenberg received honoraria or travel expenses including CME activities from: APSARD, Belvoir Publishing, University of Texas Southwestern Dallas, Hillside Hospital, American Drug Utilization Review, American Society for Clinical Psychopharmacology, Bayamon Region Psychiatric community, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Baystate Medical Center, Canadian Psychiatric Association, Columbia University, Douglas Hospital/McGill University, IMEDEX, Overseas Society for Bipolar Disorders, Israel community for Biological Psychiatry, John Hopkins University, MJ Consulting, nyc State, Massachusetts Association of College Counselors, Medscape, MBL Publishing, Physicians Postgraduate Press, Slack Publishing, SUNY Buffalo, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Wisconsin, University of Pisa, and SciMed.

Researchers are still attempting to amend and contort the Dopamine hypothesis, despite the fact that its obvious and glaring problems were pointed out at least 30 years back. One was during the time there clearly was a move by the British federal government to introduce more coercive mental health legislation, and we felt that there needed to be a critical response to that. Rather these are typically labels developed by committees of psychiatrists and psychologists who noticed that aspects of the human condition create dilemmas for a few people; where certain traits were found in combination with one another, they gave them names and called them problems. The research, published in the peer-reviewed journal Gastroenterology, 2 claims the discovery "carries significant implications for future research which could point the way toward dietary or drug interventions to boost brain function." Naturally, I urge you to embrace nutritional changes here, opposed to waiting for some "miracle drug" to do the meet your needs...


How Modern Psychiatry Lost Its Mind

Another study published in soreness Management Nursing in September 2002 revealed that people suffering from chronic pain experienced less intense pains, less depression and decreased quantities of impairment once they volunteered to counsel other people whom suffered from chronic pain. Xanax is approved by the FDA for the treatment of anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Dopamine causes motivation, alertness and pleasure arousal but it's also crucial for helping you keep in mind information, manage anxiety-producing situations and controlling muscle coordination. It plays a particularly crucial part in nerve health as well as helps in the production of DNA. Bacteria converts our food into energy and, in exchange, we offer them room and board. That's why a majority of these medications have been banned in the U.K. for use on children.

There is no question this one Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is among the seminal movies in mental wellness fiction. Bioinformatics is a field of study that includes the creation and advancement of databases, and computational and statistical techniques, you can use in studies associated with individual brain, particularly in the areas of gene and protein expression Bioinformatics and studies in genomics , and functional genomics , generated the need for DNA annotation , a transcriptome technology , identifying genes , and their and location and function.

Such pessimism is unsurprising, given that many psychiatrists believe that mental illness is triggered by brain defects, and it is a life-long condition akin to diabetes or cardiovascular illnesses. This is a much more sophisticated and glamorous view of drug treatment, and for people employed in a really biologically orientated framework, it seemed to present a far more optimistic view of psychiatric intervention. The link between a 2009 experiment by G. A. Brenes and colleagues offered in the "American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry" indicated that 90% of patients with general panic or those with depression regularly suffered from insomnia. Everybody who uses vaporizes or electronic cigarettes knows that objects used for this guilty pleasure are expensive at all, especially if you want to enjoy quality things.

Because if clients get the ideas that agner is not great for them…what solution they have?? Ross's collaboration with relatives, medical, school, and work personnel, creates a greater opportunity for success in the treatment of this condition. At the Masley Optimal Health Center, Dr. Masley has improved his patients' cognitive function by the average of 25% while reducing their arterial plaque load and danger of diabetes, and his book shows you how you can do the same. They discovered that five key themes in particular featured prominently in these definitions: states of consciousness, higher or ultimate potential, beyond the ego or personal self, transcendence and also the spiritual. On my means to see someone (I was doing private duty nursing), I picked Jera, the rune of harvest, encouragement, and learning from experience, as I was going out the door (I often pick a rune in the run) and immediately thought: "Make the absolute most of your time today." Underlying thoughts were:..

Sleep is important for among other items, mind function, body performance, and general health. It is maybe not clear precisely what causes depression, but a key theory within the last few 50 years is that it may involve an imbalance of neurotransmitters or hormones in the body. In the second competition the jury stressed his ‘painful' mediocrity in all areas of medical knowledge, an assessment seemingly so grossly incompatible with his later intellectual accomplishments that political motives have actually been suggested. I don't trust Dr. Ghaemi, because to me it sounds like he is being dismissive of a large part of suffering that is genuine no matter whether it's biological or a piece for the human condition, and that the pay off is the satisfaction that comes from splitting hairs and feeling right” rather than helping.

What is termed ‘madness' or ‘mental illness' is for some the only real means for phrase of their being lost and confused in some sort of which has caused them deep hurt and pain. If used with prescribed serotonergic drugs, this can boost the risk of serotonin syndrome. For instance, individuals who eat a Mediterranean style diet that emphasizes fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, unsaturated oils (olive oil) and plant sources of proteins are less likely to develop cognitive impairment and dementia. The mind advantages of exercise go beyond illness prevention. Vision helps a dopamine response into the mind and this in turn helps one to target and direct their attention. This imbalance causes harm to the mucosal layer of one's GI tract; the normally smooth intact mucosal layer becomes permeable, allowing food proteins to enter into the blood stream.

10 Shocking Myths Of Modern Psychiatry

In the past, people who struggled with addiction received widely varying types of treatment. Your risk of developing Alzheimer's increases with age, reaching 50 percent by age 85. Researchers aren't sure why the risk jumps so dramatically as we get older, but it is possible the disease is linked to irritation , a natural part of aging that can lead to a build-up of deposits in areas like the hippocampus, the part of the mind accountable for forming new memories.

For the total involvement of phenomenology in psychiatry, it is important that larger variety of experienced psychiatrists in addition to psychiatrists in training become aware of this concrete alternative of validating clinical experience and address practical guide matters to it. Since phenomenological psychopathology is the consolidation of decades of reflexive and empathic experiences with patients, there is no reasonable justification for not working out it in clinical practice.

As it is an approach, it can be applied to any of an extensive selection of areas of psychology such as for example medical therapy, developmental psychology, social therapy, perception, language, judgment and choice making, and so on. It is a hybrid discipline drawing insights from modern evolutionary theory, intellectual psychology, anthropology, economics and palaeoarcheology.

When someone does us wrong, we wish to get even and allow the world learn about the evil part of the individual. So, I guess I've become a bit skeptical of the great move, sometimes completed with really, extremely laudable motives, but it's the move to create, if you prefer, the many benefits of Western psychology to people within the developing world without any great thought being placed into how that will articulate with their whole cultural method of dealing with life and its difficulties. After World War II, there were two sorts of psychiatrists: some ran large mental hospitals which housed great variety of individuals with severe and persistent types of mental illness; others were psychotherapists, supporting relatively well people who had been dealing with unusual challenges or have been stuck for just one reason or another.

Letters From Prof Simon Wessely And Gary Fereday

Genome wide association studies have uncovered the importance of numerous gene variants in psychiatric disorders. A growing number of studies in both human infants and animals are showing a strong correlation between the intake of omega-3 oils, especially DHA, and cognitive function, artistic acuity, and overall brain development.13-15 In the human infant, mind development undergoes its most quick and complex growth during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years after birth.

The analysis, published within the peer-reviewed journal Gastroenterology, 2 claims the development "carries significant implications for future research that could point the way in which toward dietary or drug interventions to improve brain function." Naturally, I urge you to embrace dietary changes right here, opposed to waiting for some "miracle drug" to do the work for you...

Its new 5th edition makes controversial revisions in the definition of depression, eliminating a long-standing bereavement exclusion” in the guidelines for diagnosing a major depressive disorder.” People grieving following the deaths of liked ones may show the same types of symptoms (sadness, sleeplessness and lack of interest in daily activities among them) that characterize major depression.

A recently available review of 38 medical trials of atypical antipsychotics (the newer type most commonly prescribed) concluded that they achieved just moderate benefits when comparing to a placebo and there is certainly much room for more efficacious compounds.” The authors also found proof a publication bias—in other words, researchers (many sponsored by drug companies) may have been guilty of selectively publishing those studies showing the drug in a good light, while withholding those where the results had been disappointing. It helps take the shame and blame out of difficulties with anger episodes. Monounsaturated fats are available in foods like avocado, olive oil and almonds and polyunsaturated fats may be found in salmon, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Regular workout, a balanced diet and adequate amounts of rest are practices being important to long-term health. The Paxil advertising campaign took something that had produced spotty results in early trials — including one so riddled with side effects that the company had really considered shelving the drug — and turned it into a blockbuster, so called because its annual revenue surpasses $1 billion.

What exactly is a contemporary psychiatrist and how are they various from conventional psychiatrists? And element of what he does in team work is - using veterans, if I recall correctly - would be to invoke the archetype of the warrior and have them see themselves… instead of seeing themselves as criminals, when they come back to society, there's maybe not that sense of being honored for the service which they've rendered, and so putting it in the context of the, if you will, time honored role of the warrior, that that can be somewhat healing.

Up against the distance between the positivist explanatory models and their clinical practice ( Morley, 2002 ) and the observation of a considerable gap between their medical application and the treatment tips from neurobiological psychiatry ( Girlanda et al., 2017 ), numerous precepts of a phenomenological nature are positioned into practice daily, albeit in an unintentional or unknowing method ( Parnas et al., 2011 ).

Due to the alteration in lifestyle, eating habits, daily routine and stress, our body has gone for a toss and so could be the reproductive system. Spinal is such a supportive an element of the human body without it our body cant gain stability. Food, especially brightly coloured fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and red capsicum, contain nutrients called carotenoids. Do yourself a favor, go and get a decent philosophy of mind, understand what human life is, and actually talk to an intelligent person that has experienced the states of brain these nutrition blaming quacks claim without evidence is neuronal injury due to lack of fish oil”. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, vitamin E, another antioxidant, protects mobile membranes that can guard against neurodegenerative diseases. "The mind kind of works like a music suggestion system," Salimpoor stated. We'll examine the structures of the brain and how each section controls our daily functions, including motor control, visual processing, auditory processing, sensation, learning, memory and feelings.

depression.JPG (11098 bytes)

Depression seems to be the most common and prevalent mental disorder among the youth as per the diagnosis of the psychiatrists. It is a state of excessive melancholy and extreme reduction in vigor and vitality coupled with lack of sheer interest in any constructive action. A kind of lassitude, despondency and loneliness torment their mind. An ardent enthusiasm and fervent feeling to keep aloof from others are visible in them. Complexes as fear, anger, inferiority, desperation etc exert a dominating influence on their personality and behavior Few cases of this kind of mental disorder go to the extremity of suicide. Such cases of high level depression are upgraded and placed under the diagnosis term of sadism, and masochism

Electro Convulsive treatment is the easiest and convenient step of treatment administered to this lot in the modern medicine. I have come across more than two thousand cases of depression. Most of them were under treatment of psychiatrists of major hospitals diagnosed as depression, for months and years together. Having lost hope of recovery they had come to my Centre. With utmost sincerity and simplicity, I would like to put on record that almost all of them were cured of their mental disorder, within a short span of time, except a few who were simply spoiled by highgraded modern drugs, and ECT. Their previous medical records are preserved here for reference at any time. .Clorpromazine, Anti-dep., Alprax, Alsolam, Melleril,and Tofranil,....etc are found to be the commonly administered drugs in their case. These drugs are highly neurotoxic and brain disabling. How can these sedatives suit to the already depressed-sedated- condition of the patient? Prolonged intake of them cause disruption of normal brain function. They physically and neurologicaly blot most of a patient's ability to think and act. By disabling, the psychiatrist can stop all behavior of the patient including thinking, and that will be considered as a relief. To administer such brain damaging drugs to the depressed ones who are lacking in vigour and vitality is unjust, unfair and unreasonable.

Deprivation of one’s vitality, free will and power of action is the radical cause of depression. According to the psychiatrists concocted ideas and unfounded convictions framed in a state of loneliness guide him to depression and sadism.. At the final stage he would become thoroughly convinced that he has no other alternative than suicide.


From the study conducted on the above mentioned patients of depression and sadism, I am convinced that the habit of masturbation formed in them is the main cause of this mental disorder.[ One thing notable and striking is, that almost all of them were either bachelors or widowers] Manual stimulation of ones genitals to produce sexual orgasm, the climax of excitement, can be defined as masturbation. It is an artificial, one sided, act as it defeats the very aim and process of procreation that nature intends and demands. It has not the merits of the twinsided natural act, nay more will have the drawbacks and minus points. As per the teachings of some religions, this act of self-abuse is prohibited, as a sin of pollution. I do not intend to go into that part of its morality but simply draw how it can hamper and impede ones mental and physical stability. Anything unnatural is liable to submit to reaction, both mental and physical. This reaction is the cause of depression. Occasional commission of this unnatural act may not lead to any physical or mental complication. But it will gradually lead to form up the habit of it. Habit is formed by repetition of acts, and habit craves for repetition. Anything in it’s excess tends to lead to mental and physical disorder. Most of the psychiatrists and psychologists may hurl on me for this statement of mine, for, they hold that masturbation, as sneezing out the mucus, is a must for the bachelors to keep away from tension.! Their deceptive advises are doom to the youth.!

Sages and monks of ancient India had ruled that medication could be fully successful only if proper dietetic, physical and mental control is adhered to. The same is prescribed for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Sexual activities shake and stir both body and mind. Hence it should be avoided for prompt and proper cure of any ailment and to keep a balanced mind and body. Unnatural and artificial mode of sexual satisfaction is more dangerous.

The case of a medical student is very pertinent in this context. Having completed graduation in B.Sc. in top rank, he was selected to the MBBS course at medical college Kottayam. He joined the college for his course and stayed in the Men’s hostel. He stood top in the first year examination. Later on in the third year he appeared to be dull and weak in studies and activities. He became feeble. He could not concentrate. He was in a state of despondency. He thought of discontinuing his studies. Finally he met the neurologist at the college hospital. His ailment was diagnosed as depression. Though it was a case of psychiatry, considering the future of the student, the neurologist took up the treatment to avoid a stigma. He was put on various neuroleptic and psychiatric drugs and the treatment went on for months together. The young man became more and more depressed and feeble. At last he came to the conclusion –discontinue the study and bid fare well to the medical college for good. It was the period when a journalist in the periodicals, published write-ups on the treatment at my centre. [The common people misjudged the illusory personality in the case histories of the write-ups, as diabolic possession and the treatment as exorcism, and myself as an exorcist] Some of his friends advised him "See, we cannot rule out the possibility of some evil done to you under sorcery. You have been very good at studies. Enemies of you and your family might have done something to destroy your career. You must see Fr. Geo"’. He came to me. A young man emaciated and gaunt –with no vigour, charm and pleasantness sat in front of me in the counseling centre.


My first look at him, his emaciated facial appearance, convinced me of the sign and symptom of his deep habit of masturbation. In the counseling room I disclosed him of my findings, enumerating the symptoms of his sickness before he started speaking of it. This created an impression of belief in me. He admitted every thing. He said he was unable to control his sexual feelings. I advised him ways and means to control his feelings and to be fully occupied at all times to reach his goal.of studies, to become a doctor, the ambition of his life. He promised to follow the directions. Herbomineral {Ayurvedic} medicines to stimulate his nerves and regain his lost vitality were given. He was asked to see me after one month. On the 30th day he was the first to meet me. He was very happy and joyful. He was full of gratitude and thanked me for helping him. He said he could cope -up with his studies and concentrate well. Herbomineral stimulants for two weeks more were given. I asked him not to retreat from his decision and fall back again to the bad habit of self-abuse any more. After about an year he came to me once again. This time I could not recognize him. He was very pale and feeble. He said "Father please help me. I have slipped into the habit of self-abuse. I cannot concentrate in my studies. My friends are ridiculing me. I dare not to face them. I feel inferiority complex. I cannot look at the face of any woman. I have no interest in anything expect masturbation. I find solace and satisfaction only in this deed. I had some domestic problems, which made me depressed. This time I consulted another neurologist." On my repeated questioning as to why he deviated from my earlier direction and relapsed to the habit, he said "it happened so" .

I put him under hypnotic sleep. In that lethargic stage, he was asked to explain the "why and how" of the episode in detail. He said, "Due to some domestic problems I could not get sleep. A kind of headache and dizziness haunted me always. I consulted the neurologist. He asked me whether I had such incident earlier. I informed him my previous difficulty and Fr. Geo’s advice and treatment. I told him that I don’t masturbate from the day I met Fr. Geo. Nightfall does occur once in a fortnight. The doctor got flared up. He said, "You are the victim of the unnatural moral science of a catholic priest.! When nose is full with sloppy mucus, we blow off; spit out as and when mouth is full, defecate when the bowels demand. We urinate when the bladder is full. This is natural. Like wise ejaculation of semen is a must. One must squeeze it out as and when he feels. There is no harm in masturbating. On the contrary it helps to ease the tension. An young and healthy man like you must masturbate. Your present ailment is due to the tension you feel in the absence of proper ejaculation of semen. Forget about the advice of the priest who knows nothing about the Anatomy and Physiology. Then I started masturbating on that day on wards. I felt a state of easiness at first. His advice had great impact on me. For the first few days I was satisfied with one ejaculation. Gradually the number went up. I was simply crazy for it. I could not control myself. For the first few days there was no problem. Everything was all right. Later on, I found that things were going wrong. I lost my concentration. I could not study properly. I could not control my temper. I felt shy and gloomy. I could not speak to the girls of my class. I felt things were conspiring against me and I am lost. My condition became worse. I met the doctor again. I apprised him of the position. He advised me then, to meet Fr Geo and get his directions. The Doctor asked me not to disclose to Fr.Geo., his advice and direction to masturbation"

I awoke him from the hypnotic trance and asked him "Last year I had asked you to stop your habit of masturbation and you were quite well for the period you followed my direction"


What caused you to relapse to the habit?

Has any one advised you to disregard my direction?

"No, Father". he said

Has any one prompted you?

"Sorry, I will not masturbate any more".

He did not disclose. Then I started narrating the story, [ what I gathered from him in his hypnotic sleep]. He was wonder struck and admitted everything saying "you have got the power of mind reading, I shall not hide anything from you"

"Father, hereafter I will always abide with your advice".

" This will certainly be a guiding factor in my diagnosis when I start practice". Today he is an eminent doctor practicing in a major hospital.

Deceptive medical advice is very harmful. Masturbation cannot be compared to sneezing, defecation and urination.! Self-existence and propagation are the most basic powers inherent in human beings. They are to be kept balanced. It shows itself in the instinct of self-preservation, the urge to survive, and in the universal urge to procreate to ensure life’s continuation. This is Nature’s Master- plan. Any process contrary to the aim of nature is liable to reaction! That reaction is "the depression"

God {Nature} has elevated man and made him partaker in creation. Abusing this sublime power is violation of the divine and natural law. There fore, it will have serious repercussions –physical and mental. I don’t say that this power is to be suppressed, but just the contrary, to be sublimated.! Sublimation will raise one to the higher level of the ancient sages whose initiative vision was immense and marvelous. The "sublimation" can be compared to a hydroelectric project. The quiet flowing river is dammed and diverted {sublimated,} and then becomes powerful enough to produce the powerful electricity.! I shall not go in detail.{intelligenti pauca}. Likewise, masturbation also can be compared to a pressure cooker. Certain amount of pressure is to be preserved while cooking, letting out the excess automatically, but if the automatic controller is held up lifted?, the whole pressure will be lost and what is kept inside for cooking, will be of a "depressed" quality.! The personal qualities of the habitual masturbate devoid of pressure, will also go down depressed, if the power is simply defused artificially. Nature has provided means for automatic defusing. Everything human, thoughts and deeds are to be embalmed by the powers of the basic instinct for it’s effective realization. Here also I shall not go in detail. The "basic powers" should be kept balanced to keep one physically and mentally normal and active



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