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Case History – Over thirty thousand mental cases were treated here, and cured. A great majority of them were treated earlier in various Mental Hospitals under reputed Psychiatrists and Neurologists for months and years! All the documents, with the previous treatments are preserved here, for the perusal of the research minded.

Few cases for example, in a nutshell

Mental patient Dr. Mohanan M.B.B.S. with a suicidal mania- and few attempts! Saved at the last moment.

Dr.Elsamma M.B.B.S., A Mental patient, but only with acute Asthmatic symptoms! Seven years of treatment by eminent Doctors, and opined incurable!

Mr. Vasu Pillai, a Circle Inspector of Police. A Mental patient for two years under the treatment of a Medical College Professor, Psychiatrist.Violent with murder mania-

Mr. Krishna Pillai a Civil Engineer, brother of a then Cabinet Minister of the State Government. He was under the combined treatment of a Neurologist and Psychiatrist, since had epileptic and Psychotic symptoms, for four years!

Mrs. Thresiamma Joseph - No abnormality noted, by the Gynaecologists and others. The only problem was that she experienced nine abortions, all at the fifth month of pregnancy! Had no child!

Mr. Kuriachen. After a fright and fever, lost his eyesight. Four years of blinded life! Though was under the treatment of a world famous Eye Specialist! But regained his eyesight within half an hour from this centre!

Anitha - A tenth standard student, after a fear and fever her left side paralyzed and treated for it in a Medical College Hospital for a period.

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There are thousands of case histories and documents, preserved here! Patients who were not treated by Psychiatric or non-convulsive medicines, get immediate and permanent cure from the sicknesses. Others need Ayurvedic medication for a period according to their body condition depending on the actions and reactions of the previous, so called modern medicines! If addicts, relapse also is possible! The case of E.C.T (Electro Convulsive Therapy) given patients is very pitiable! Restoration to the previous stage is rather difficult, if not impossible as a whole. Modern Psychiatric Science fail in diagnosing the fright caused mental sickness and even if diagnosed, no means of curing them, than giving high graded chemical tabs, and E.C.T., a treatment more dangerous than the sickness. Since Human nature is the same anywhere and everywhere, I feel the Psycho-Religious Therapy, drawn from the Indian conditions, is applicable to any mental patient of any Nationality.

The illusory Personality or the vibrant darkness is capable of producing various symptoms of various sicknesses that mislead the Psychiatrists and Neurologists, in their symptomatic diagnosing. Here are a few cases, taken from thousands, horripilating if in details, narrated briefly.

Dr. Mohanan M.B.B.S was brought over here, by his parents and brothers, and I was told that he had been a mental patient for the last 2 years and was under the treatment of a leading Psychiatrist, a Medical College Professor. Showing the reddish Scar in his neck, they told me of his attempted suicide, the previous day; he was saved at the last moment! Diagnosing the case as masochism, the doctor suggested E.C.T. They objected, and was brought over here? He was put under Psycho- Religious Therapy; the illusory personality surfaced and narrated a horrible story! We completed the Therapy process within one hour and himself got up from the Trans, astonished, having no memory on all about what is transpired… On the tenth day he joined the hospital practicing, after a span of two years!

The case of Dr. Elsamma M. B. B. S. is still more interesting. She was an asthmatic patient from the middle of the first year of her medical studies. She took treatment from many eminent doctors during the period of her studies. No cure but had some kind of relief. Still she secured a colourful pass and started practicing in her own clinic with a limited convenience of IP care. Same time she was also taking medicines for asthma. The funny thing was that whenever she was among the sick, she had sudden attack of asthma, so as unable to attend them, nay more putting herself in a shameful and awkward position among them! After seven years of treatment, she came to this centre and got complete cure from her sickness within half an hour! The illusory personality was very horrible, and the details given were wonder striking. She has written in the VIP Diary, maintained here, by her own hand, about the seven years travail of her own life! SeeThe Diary

Mr. "Vasu Pillai'' was a Circle Inspector of Police when he was taken ill. His wife is a Professor in a College. He himself one day sent his resignation to the higher ups, and remained gloomy and aloof in his room! The resignations was not accepted, he being an award winner for meritorious services and now sick. He was under treatment in a Medical College Hospital. He was often violent towards his wife and used to call her names. Sleeplessness and fear complex were the main problems. After one and a half years of treatment, he was taken to this centre, by his wife and brothers and he got cured within few hours…He joined the duty on the 15th day. Now he is serving as a SP in the police department Cadre.

Krishna Pillai is a Civil Engineer. After a fever, he was noted as a different man with mood change and epileptic symptoms. He was diagnosed, grandmal epileptic and treatment started with a Neurologist. Being violent and sleepless at times, he was given psychiatric tabs also from the very same hospital. He slowly exhibited suicidal mania also! That is after two years of treatment! They prescribed ECT. His brother was a Cabinet Minister of the Government at that time. ``With a letter from the minister, he was taken to this Centre. Under the therapy, a shocking `history' from the illusory personality, kept the by standers at a suspense! He joined his duty within ten days. Remarks can be read in the Diary kept here, written by the Pvt. Sec. of the Minister.

Thresiamma, a ``normal person,'' was taken here by her husband and mother. The only problem with her was that the family was not lucky enough to have a child, during, the ten years of their marriage! She was pregnant, many a time during the period but ended with bleeding and abortion, on every fifth month of pregnancy, every time after a fright in dreams, of a woman with scattered hair! Altogether nine times! Seven times she was hospitalized, at the third month of pregnancy prescribing bed rest. But abortion followed on the fifth month, in spite of all medical attentions! (Dr. C. P. Mathew, the then Vice Principal and Professor of Radiology was also present at that time-! He took a keen interest in it. He had seen over two hundred different cases in this center.) By Psycho Religious Therapy, the personality was elicited; thrilling and blood curdling narration! She was pregnant for two months at that time. She brought forth a male child at the maturity of that pregnancy. I had to face some interesting challenges from some Gynecologists, during this period! Dr. C. P. Mathew was following this case keenly up to the fullness!

Mr. Kuriachen- 42- is an agriculturist, with a rather good financial background. One day he fell ill and was hospitalized. Within a few days he got cured and was discharged but felt loosing his eyesight. He was taken to a very famous Eye Specialist in a major hospital. In spite of all the medical efforts, he lost his eyesight. Still the treatment continued. He told me that he had to sell out a portion of his property for the continued treatment. Nearly four years of ``blinded life''! He was to be given ``blind certificate'' soon from the hospital. It was during this period the fellow was taken to this centre by four of his brothers and relations. With cautious steps, he was inducted to my office room. He could not see anything! I never thought that it was a case of my therapy. Any way I brought him under Psycho- Religious Therapy. To mine and many by stander's astonishment, the emerged illusory personality, started speaking a mind chilling story!… Completed the Therapy process. He regained his full eyesight. A touching incident: - When Kuriachen reached home, the whole family with great joy gathered around him and among them there was a tiny tot of 3 yrs. Kuriachen asked his wife who this girl is? The tiny tot cried, saying `oh, dad! Do you not know me! Yes! He had never seen her, since blind for nearly four years!

Anitha was a tenth standard student when she got fever after a fright. Her mother was working as nursing Matron in Darbhanga Medical College Hospital. Admitted there. But soon found her one side (left) paralyzed! For better treatment she was shifted to Ranchi Medical College Hospital, where also the case was diagnosed as paralysis and she was prescribed three years of medication and physiotherapy. Hearing about this Centre from Keralite Missionary sisters working there, she was taken to this Centre to my dismay, I never thought it a case of mine! Just for their satisfaction I brought her under the therapy! Again, to my dismay there emerged a "personality'' narrating a very sad story! Therapy completed, she started walking well, a complete cure from the paralysis!

There are thousands of different such cases. Documents, with the prescriptions of the previous treatments are kept here, as far as possible, for the perusal of the research minded.

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